Centrica Diversity & Inclusion Week

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Centrica Diversity & Inclusion Week

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I was honoured to be invited to speak at Centrica PLC along with Spectrum, Centrica’s LGBT+ Network as part of their National Inclusion Week on Friday 29th September at their Edinburgh office in Leith. In the picture above from left to right are Glenn Hicks Co Chair of Spectrum LGBT+, Pennie May , Myself and Lee Hickey Spectrum’s other Co Chair. William Riddell was also present but somehow managed to escape being photographed on the day. I was even more humbled to find out that Glenn Hicks who usually works in Windsor but was flying up especially for this event.
I was asked if I could deliver three sessions on the day and the first was at 11am in the Murdoch room on the 3rd floor. This was to the senior leaders and managers on site and was being live streamed to Centica’s HQ in Windsor and to those who dialled in globally. It will also be on the companies Yammer site.
Lee Hickey gave a short speech about the work Spectrum LGBT+ do and then it was my turn to give a talk about my own expericences transitioning at work followed by a Q&A session afterwards where I gave everyone a free pass to ask me virtually anything using the companies Yammer as asking is the only way that people will learn about what they don’t understand. Also my aim for this day was to be able to help everyone from senior management to other staff at Centrica understand what it is to be transgender and to be able to offer help and support to those who wish to transition at work. Also externally it will enable all companies that are part of Centrica to do simple things like not presumming gender by voice alone at their call centers and to never presume that a person of a specific binary gender would have either a wife or husband of the opposite gender.

After that session we broke for lunch and I got a chance to visit some of the stalls present in the attrium, which were; Be a Trans Ally (photos taken and uploaded to the intranet social media site yammer), An Interactive map stall (‘where is it illegal to be straight/gay’) where they were also promoting the Spectrum Halloween unmasked ball ‘bring your whole self to work’ for which they are fundraising for LGBT Youth Scotland. And last but not least was the Underdog Health stall hosted by Magnus Hoelvold promoting a healthy transition and who also works at Pure Gym.
After lunch I then delivered a further two talks with Q&A sessions. The staff at these two sessions were extremely involved and asked lots of questions which I found to be very positive.
This has been a fantastic day and I am so so proud to been asked to take part in Centrica’s National Inclusion Week events. I’d like to thank everyone at Centrica who listened to my talks and for being so engaging during the Q&A sessions. If this helps just one person to be their authentic self at work or enables staff at Centrica to be more supportive and inclusive towards fellow staff and customers then I’ll be extremely happy.

Thank you

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