Gaia Women’s Burns Supper

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Gaia Women’s Burns Supper

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On Friday 29th January myself & my wife Julie were invited as guests of Horse McDonald & her wife Alanna Jane to the Gaia Women’s Burns Supper at the Golden Jubilee hotel ( Beardmore Hotel ) .

Gaia Womens Burns Supper

I can’t explain what an honour it was to be invited as before I came out as transgender I would have described myself as a recluse. Meaning that I went to work in the morning came home and sat with my family in an evening and didn’t go out. I hated myself and really didn’t know how to make friends or associate with the gender that I was assigned at birth being male. Even worse I couldn’t hang with the girls as I felt so uncomfortable just in case someone thought me a little strange ( Too interested in the conversation etc ), Daft I know and it was all in my head.

Anyway me & Julie headed down to Glasgow for a long weekend as we booked the Golden Jubilee for the Friday & Saturday night and even upgraded to an executive suite. Both of us were so nervous when we went down to the Burns supper even though I had met Horse and Alanna before at the Stonewall Scotland Workplace Conference in December 2015 and they had made me feel so at ease then. Did we have anything to worry about ? Not at all everybody was fantastic and the food and venue that Alanna had arranged were amazing.

We sat with the girls from Stonewall Scotland whom I also knew from the conference in December.


We had music from Sandra MacBeth and Horse McDonald of course , Readings from Burns and Sally Edwards read out a poem that she had written.
Sally Edwards

There was also dancing too for which Horse insisted I danced the Gay Gordons with her even though I have two left feet.
Horse & Justine
Overall it was a fantastic night and everybody made us feel so welcome and I’d like to thank Horse & Alanna for helping by inviting us and forcing me to meet new people and do things out of my comfort zone like dancing etc for which I never normally would have done. Bit by bit with the help of all these amazing people that I meet I’m slowly getting the life that I should have always lived and not hidden away from.

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