Stonewall Role Models In Schools

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Stonewall Role Models In Schools

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So on Tuesday 15th March I headed down on the train to Edinburgh to attend the Stonewall Scotland Role Models In Schools training run by the lovely Cat Telford at the COSLA building in Haymarket.

Cat Telford

This course is to enable us be able to deliver our own stories as role models in secondary schools around Scotland. Something that I find even more frightening than speaking in front of a room full of adults. I mean I have a 15 year old daughter and I can only imagine what standing and talking in front of 500 of her would be like !
Anyway with the help of Cat Telford and the other role models we discussed what we thought would be appropriate and not appropriate to speak about and made our first drafts of our speeches. We then had to read them back in front of the group and give each other constructive praise and criticism. It was a fantastic day and a worth while training session from Stonewall Scotland and now all that is needed is the date and location for our first school assembly.

Watch this space…..

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