Holiday in North Wales

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Holiday in North Wales

After my old school friend Adrian Munnery had taken the time to add me on Facebook even after knowing what i had gone through with regards transitioning , Julie suggested we go back to where i went to school and visit Adrian and his family for a holiday. As you can guess i was a little reluctant and nervous as even though we had spoke via Facebook it wasn’t really the same as person to person, But nether the less i booked a cottage on the beach in the village of Trefor where i used to live when i was 15 years old .Once it was booked i started getting really nervous knowing it was going to happen and wondering what it would be like as i hadn’t been back since i left school.

Anyway the day came when we arrived in Trefor at our cottage pictured below.

Fairview , Trefor

Eventually it was time to meet up with Adrian and his family at Glasfryn Parc for a meal and some ten pin bowling. Waiting in the bar with a large vodka and coke was the most nerve wracking time of my life. If you had told me you could make the ground swallow me up i’d have taken you up on the offer. Anyway in they came and i wasn’t sure what to expect , Would Adrian shake my hand or would he just say “Hi” ? No like the true gentleman he is he just came straight in said “Hello” and gave me a great big hug and then proceeded to introduce us to his wife Sara and his Daughter Chloe. The evening was perfect we chatted all night and played ten pin bowling although i wasn’t that good. Why on earth was i so nervous ? Other than my appearance had changed obviously it was like we had just come out of school and met up , Not like there had been like a 25 year gap with no communication.


Adrian and Me

So for all those too scared to meet up with old friends in a similar situation to mine , My advice would be to go for it .

The rest of the holiday was just as good we went up Snowdon on the steam train .

Snowdon station

Julie at StationTrain at the summit

I also took Julie and Morgan to all the places i used to go when i lived here like Nefyn, Aberdaron and to Pwllheli where i went to school at Ysgol Glan Y Mor.

NefynMorgan at AberdaronYsgol Glan Y Mor

So if asked would i go back and do this again the answer would be YES in a heart beat and we intend to.




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