LGBT History Project NE #OurHistory Event Public Day

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LGBT History Project NE #OurHistory Event Public Day

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I was invitied along by Drew Dalton the founder of the LGBT History Project NE to be a keynote speaker at their #OurHistory event alonside Lisa Power MBE at the Newcastle Civic Center.
First up was the LGBT Icon Lisa Power MBE & her speech was absolutely fantastic and then it was my turn to tell my story of coming out in the North East of Scotland. No matter how many times I tell this story which is my life I always get so nervous and my voice starts to go jittery or so I think anyway. There were talks from Drew Dalton on Saudi Arabia and its ‘rich sexual history’. Lui Asquith a solictor and LGBTIQ rights activist from Amnesty International with a talk on “LGBTI asylum seekers and the humanitarian crisis of 2016”. We had Tara Stone with her talk “More than our stories, a different perspective” and Alex Wainwright with his talk entitled “Bi Bi: Why are there so few bisexuals coming out?” and many many more talks which I couldn’t make all of as they were running two at time in seperate rooms.

Overall it was a fantastic educatiional day put on by the hard work of the LGBT History Project NE team to whom I’m eternallyu greatful for inviting me along.
Later that evening I was invitied out to celebrate with everyobe who attended the event as a thank you & to celebrate the founder Drew Daltons birthday. I can tell you that it was an amazing night out in Newcastle and a first for a long time as I didn’t get back to my hotel until 3am. Below are a few pictures from the evening out.
And to top off an amazing day I was also asked if I would be a patron for the charity LGBT History Project NE to which I was honoured and accepted.

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