Shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards

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Shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards

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A few days ago I found out that I have been shortlisted for Positive Role Model LGBT at the National Diversity Awards to be held at the Liverpool Anglican cathederal in September. Now I’m not going to lie I did know that people had nominated me but I really didn’t think that I had anywhere near enough nominations to get me close to being shorlisted. So this really has come as a complete shock and to hear that there were over 20000 nominations from all over the UK & I have been picked along with seven others for the same category is massive ! Here is the complete list of the amazing role models that are in the same category as myself.

Positive Role Model LGBT: Emma Baldry, Moira Smyth, Manjinder Singh Sidhu, Justine Smithies, John Naples-Campbell, Ash Loakes, Jess MacIntyre, Lee Gale

If I’m honest with you I’m terrified now as there must be a lot of people that think I am deserving of this award, when in reality I think I am just the same as everybody else and I’m certainly not perfect either as I do make my fair share of mistakes. It seems since we lost our son Cameron back in June 2013 which really was the catalyst for me to start living and taught me that you really do only get one chance at life so make the best of it. Before that I was a social recluse, I would go to work then come home and that was it basically. I wouldn’t do simple things like go for a coffee on my own or go shopping as I felt socially awkward because of who I was and how I thought that I looked and really hated myself for that, but I was too scared to do these things. So since then I have made a determined effort to do the things everyone takes for granted on my own and yes you might laugh but over the past two years I’ve been for coffee, shopped, took the train to Edinburgh and Glasgow and flown to London. I’ve even spoken at events about my coming out & appeared on television. Believe me they are all things that I definately wouldn’t have done before!

So by now I hope that you can understand why I’m so blown away by getting this far and to me this is the prize being shortlisted. So all I can say is a big THANK YOU to everyone that has gone out of their way to nominate me. And to everyone that has been shorlisted for an award at the National Diversity Awards congratulations and fingers crossed.

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