Golden Jubilee National Hospital Trans Inclusion Workshop

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Golden Jubilee National Hospital Trans Inclusion Workshop

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On Wednesday 8th June I was invited to speak at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital by Carole Anderson the equality lead for the launch of their new Transition Guide for managers and staff. Also speaking at the trans inclusion workshop was the lovely Patrick Sweeney from Stonewall Scotland and David Miller the interim director of human resources at the Golden Jubilee and Carole herself.
You’d think after all these talks that I have given my nerves would have been fine but to be honest, I was so proud to have been asked by such a large organisation that I didn’t want to mess it up or let anyone down. To my surprise I managed quite well so I thought and when Carole asked if anyone had any questions for me I thought that no one would bother as usual which in effect would let me off the hook. But oh no my luck was not in and I got asked a few questions which amazingly I could answer which boosted my confidence yet again. Also another reason that i was so nervous was that my lovely wife Julie had come along to watch me speak as she had never been to any of the other events that I had spoke at due to work.
Patrick Sweeney gave a discussion on the great work that Stonewall Scotland have done working with trans folk and gave a talk on the various documentation that is available for employers regarding trans inclusion at work.
The event went really well and I hope that by me sharing my experiences the management and staff at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital can better understand how they can help a colleague who comes out as transgender at work and support them throughout their transition.
Anyway the comms team at the Golden Jubilee also made a small film about the event which you can watch below.

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