Day 2

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Day 2

OMG what a wake up call. No breakfast but an enema . I must have been bad in a past life. The nurse said you can pay up to a £100 for that treatment. Hmmm they can keep it lol. Off for a shower now then into my surgical gown and paper knickers lol. Then surgery at 8am

That’s 10:50 and my operation is over and I’m back in my room. A little sore but otherwise I’m OK. Have a feeling of needing to pee but that’s the tube in my bladder.
Today my life starts.
Its 16:44 and I have slept most of the day. I could murder a cup of tea , but I’m only allowed water. And this lying on my back strapped to the bed with surgical stockings and these things that keep inflating on my legs to keep the circulation going is real fun lol. Looking forward to some soup and sorbet I hope.
Hmm supper is served in something my granddaughter would drink from . Beef soup a tea which looks identical and a sorbet of some description. Yum.


Beef Tea - Yummy

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