Out at Tesco LGBT History month

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Out at Tesco LGBT History month

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On Monday 29th February I was asked by John Dickinson ( Chair of Out at Tesco ) if I would speak alongside David McCreadie the managing director of banking at Tesco for the Out at Tesco closing LGBT History Month event.

Justine & David McCreadie Tesco Bank

For which I was immensely honoured to be asked to speak & agreed straight away that I would attend the event.
Anyway when the day came and I had my usual nerves as I do not find public speaking easy at all even though others say I’m good at it. We listened to David’s speech about diversity & inclusion at Tesco which was very good then it was my turn to speak & the nerves kicked in again but hey I got through it and was told it was very good so as they say at Tesco ‘Every little helps’ .
I can say that I met some amazing people at this event with even more amazing stories something that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

Justine & Nye

We then watched a short film made by Out at Tesco starring Nye and Sarah which everyone should watch below.

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