Boudoir photoshoot with Yemi King

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Boudoir photoshoot with Yemi King

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I first met Yemi King at the #ThisIsMe garden party at the Glass House in Edinburgh when she too my photo against the PAP board back in June 2016. Not long after that event Yemi got in touch and asked if I would attend a VIP boudoir photoshoot over at HillheadHouse , Kilbirnie. Now if you know me you’ll know that I wanted to say NO as I don’t see myself as beautiful or some sort of model that you see in magazines who look absolutely stunning. It took some convincing from Yemi for me to agree to give it a try and even on the day I was so nervous because if I didn’t like my own body then how could I expect others to like it too ?
On arrival I had my hair and makeup done by the lovely Claire Monica Nicholl and then spent the whole day getting photographed in different rooms for which by near the end of the day I had built up sufficient confidence to ask if she thought we should do a couple of nude shots. Well you know the old saying “In for a penny , In for a pound.” Or “You only live once.”. Well to my suprise I actually managed to do a few nude shots and felt quite comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t get excited as I’m not going to post them here ! Well not yet anyway.

I was also interviewed for her online magazine OOOO Buzz for which you can read here and see some of the pictures from the photoshoot.

For anyone that has ever wondered if they could do a boudoir photoshoot I would say go for it as you are only on this planet once as I have learnt when we lost our 15 year old son back in 2013. Also I’m transgender and have serious hangups about my body / appearance and if I can do it so can you. What it has taught me is that I am beautiful no matter what anyone else says and that I even kind of like my body now thanks to Yemi & Claire.

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