My simple blog engine blarg

Published on 14-05-2023 ( Updated 23-09-2023 )

All the pages on this website are built using my simple blog engine blarg. It is a combination of all the best bits of both and barf plus I’ve added some of my own touches too.

Why didn’t I just use one of the above?

I found out about barf after seeing hamblingreen post about their new blog and absolutely loved the idea of a simple blog site that could I could write posts in markdown with. I instantly cloned the barf repo and started to play about with it but quickly noticed that it didn’t quite do things as I’d like and also had a few bugs / issues which would need to be resolved. As usual I just can’t do things the easy way so set out to create blarg my own simple blog engine and took inspiration from both and barf. I also needed to make changes to how the dates were displayed on the index and on all posts. Git history is used to form published on and updated dates on blog posts to keep things nice and easy. I have also ironed out the html issues too so my blog now passes all three W3C validation checks.



Atom feed:


Before jumping deeper into it, I made a list of my basic requirements:

How these constraints are acheived

Low maintenance

Low barrier to create content

Low requirements on the client

This is mostly solved by not doing anything complicated. Not adding any JS and CSS frameworks keeps the size small. Not setting a font size and not disallowing zooming makes the text readable on a wide variety of devices and by people of bad eye sight. Just using basic HTML and a few lines of CSS allows old or limited browsers and slow computers to display the page easily. I could go on for a long time here, but I’m sure you get the concept.

RSS Feed

Having an RSS feed (an Atom feed to be precise) is a must for me. I really love RSS and in my opinion RSS support is an essential part of a blog. I was shocked to learn that some blog engines need plugins to get RSS support! Writing something that is nearly a valid Atom feed is pretty easy. Just take the example Atom feed and fill in your own values.


The HTML output

The blog script

You can find the code of the resulting script on github. The blog you are currently viewing is part of the same repository and serves as example content.

To make the script work as intended, you should adhere to the following rules:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you want to use it for your own site, I can give some guidance. Since I don’t expect many users, this is less effort than writing and maintaining good documentation.